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[WILL BE WELL] Happy young wife。~ Romantic wedding 初夜memories procreate-

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I'm not in good spirits these days.,Ran to the C96 Wave again.,So it didn't post.,
Someone asked about C96's strategy.,There's really no trick.,
Want to enter the meeting venue the first time about 4 a.m. to come to line up,Look up the catalog in advance,The first time to go to the stall to buy it.。
Most of the stalls are only about 100.,The price is usually 500 yen a book.,So you just bring your own coins.。
Most of Japan's attractions don't accept tickets.,Or typically 500 yen.。Except for commercial amusement parks.。
A bottle of mineral water in Japan is about 150.。 Continue reading


It's a tragedy today.,Go to the C96, and then want to look at the past as slowly as usual.,Shoot Coser or something.,I'm not going to buy anything.,Decided to go later.。
Just ready to go out and then first arrived at the little partner said,On-site ticket ingress,There's a long queue to buy tickets on the spot.。Because in previous years there were no tickets.,So I'm not ready.。
And then I ran several same-person shops at the subway entrance.,No tickets.,Say it's sold out.。I'm in shock,What the heck,So hot.。
It's not easy to go to a point of sale,Buy a ticket,On the tram.,The latest news from the little partner in front of us,No tickets in the afternoon.,Can now go directly to。
I wipe。。。。Nima, I bought four more in one go.。。。2000Yen,This isn't Pit Daddy.。
Comic Market has 3 days left.,Just lounging little buddy can not buy tickets.。 Continue reading


Thank you for your concern.,It could be ice water and air conditioning.,cause dying i'm coughing now.,
You know that.,Most of Japan doesn't boil water.,It's tap water.,Add some ice.,Wherever you eat,,Give you a glass of ice-filled tap water first.。
Tomorrow's C96.,I'll probably go and see.。In fact, people are really too much can't stand,And a very large area of broken legs。
If you come to The House Of Japan to play,,Can be in these days,The atmosphere is better.,There's no point in going to Akihabara.。
A recent walk out of the country can only say that Japan has been occupied by Chinese。There's Chinese everywhere.。